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Crooked Heart CD

Image of Crooked Heart CD

£3.00 - On Sale

Our debut studio album. Reviews include:

"Recluse strike the right balance betweeen classic rock and modern rock... their music is weighty and impressive" - Big Cheese Magazine (4/5).

"Crooked Heart is a slow burning, chunky, bluesy, riff-fest" - Metal Talk.

"Crooked Heart gives us 11 tracks of solid gold" - Hevy Petal

"Crooked Heart is a brilliant piece for British rock!" - Room Thirteen

“All 11 tracks of Crooked Heart are pure dynamite" - The Bite Magazine

"As an album this is one which you’ll listen to and enjoy, it won’t cause offence or make you question why you bought it, instead providing you with 11 tracks of enjoyment, each one holding something slightly different to the one before." - Loud Stuff